• Rays of Light Collection

  • Rays of Light Collection

  • Rays of Light Collection

RAYS OF LIGHT¬†represent one of the innovative aspects of “Lightness of Material.” Through research and advanced development, we realized this innovative material. Lightness, shapes, and surface processes generate the designer’s ability to play with lights & shadows.

a new way of conceiving stone partitions

Weight and structural strength are the inherent limitations of Natural Stone. The development of different technologies to reduce the weight, improve the mechanical resistance and the performance of Natural Stone in an infinite variety of shapes, modules, and applica- tions, allows Architects and Designers to explore new limits to their imagination.

A new way of conceiving stone partitions allows us to create panels measuring up to 20 ‘x 6’ (6100 x 1830mm) and thicknesses of at least 8mm; these walls are not only static, can slide, rotate, or move based on your specific design needs.

The lightness results in a reduced extraction of stone, so a reduced burden on the environment and minor costs in development.
One of the many perks is the speed of assembly and the infinite pos- sibilities in terms of utilization.

These Panels are realized in custom sizes, colors and finishings.



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